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What is wölkli Mail?

wölkli Mail is a service that allows individuals and businesses to securely send and receive e-mails via desktop computers, smartphones or tablet devices. E-mails are stored encrypted on our self-owned servers.

To protect your privacy, we use 256-bit SSL encryption for the transfer of your data over the Internet and server-side encryption for the storage of your e-mails.

Your e-mail is hosted in a modern and secure data centre in Switzerland, following the Swiss quality standards.

ISO certification
wölkli Mail abides to information security best practices, in line with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management System).

How does wölkli Mail work?

When an e-mail addressed to your account is received by the wölkli Mail server, it gets encrypted with your own cryptographic keys, even before it reaches your inbox. This means that your e-mails are unreadable by others, including us.

Desktop & Mobile
You can access your e-mails via our modern, fast and user-friendly webmail interface, compatible with any type of device, such as desktop and mobile devices. No need for additional software and, with a PRO account, you can even use your favorite e-mail client.

Renewable energy
wölkli Mail is powered by 100% renewable energy, coming from Swiss hydropower, wind, solar energy and biomass.

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